Morrie Arnovich was a big deal. A local star when he played ball for the Superior Blues, and then a national one playing for the Phillies, Cincinnati, and the New York Giants, on several All-Star and World Series teams from 1936 till he was drafted in 1942. Ironically, Morrie and the other great Jewish baseball hero of the time, Hank Greenberg, faced off in the 1940 World Series, Cincinnati vs. Detroit. In the 7th inning "Greenberg lifted a high fly which Arnovich caught in a stagger just inside the left field foul line."

The local papers kept track of Morrie. There was a tribute banquet in 1940 which packed the town's best hotel. Dave Bancroft, the celebrated Phillies then Giants shortstop of the 20's was in the audience. The speeches of the local dignitaries were quoted at length, and the presentation traveling bag was noted. An orchestra played, a soloist sang, and it was all broadcast live on the radio. In 1945 his army discharge and homecoming was news. In 1951 just prior to his marriage some of the boys got together in the VFW clubrooms to pay tribute, give him a movie camera as a token of friendship and appreciation. Hank Kaner was there. In 1957 he was elected president of the shul.

Morrie and father, Charles Arnovich ca. 1938